C’est l’exceptionnel, le cœur de métier de Robert Wan Tahiti.

La collection Divas est intemporelle. Composés dans le secret des ateliers de Robert Wan, les connoisseurs rassemblent des perles de plus de 15mm aux lustres et aux formes extraordinaires révélant une pureté jamais égalée.

Cette gamme exclusive est le fruit d’un travail de toute une vie, des années de récoltes pour aboutir à une ligne unique au monde. Rare, précieuse et harmonieuse, elle révèle la beauté des femmes qui la porte. La gamme Divas incarne l’art d’être exceptionnel.


Taking 5 years to match, the majestic pearls that compose the « Empress » sautoir, symbolize the regal ancestry these gems possess. The elegant and colorful harmony of this rare and grandiose piece make it fit for a Queen.

82 Button Pearls
Green, Pink
12mm to 17mm


Whether worn as a two-ranks jeweled ribbon, or as one long sautoir, this statement piece personifies a rainbow of dew-kissed gems cast over a clear Tahitian sky. The « Arc en Ciel » sautoir is a masterpiece that took several years to assemble, and a true treasure to own.

63 Round Pearls
15mm to 17mm


These heavenly dew drops, polished by time, hold and ethereal radiance that are highlighted in 29 gems. Exquisite cherry, green and golden Hues shine and blend in a harmony in the « Colibri » stand.

29 Round Pearls
15mm to 16mm



Born in Nature and assembled by our artisan’s hand, the « Purity » strand encapsulates the spirit of perfection and innocence.

41 Baroque Pearls
Tahitian Snow
13mm to 17mm


This unique piece has been called after the Tahitian god of the ocean, who gave pearl oysters to humans in memory of his voyage on earth. These 27 colorful gems bring together subtle greens, blues, and pinks creating a magical ensemble worthy of legends.

27 round/ SR pearls
Light Multicolor
15mm to 16mm


The black pearl has earned a reputation throughout history as the « Pearl of Queens » and the « Queen of Pearls ». When Scarlett graces the neck of a woman, it brings out the regal qualities of she who is lucky enough to wear it.

33 round/ SR Pearls
12mm to 14mm