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Welcome to the amazing world of Robert Wan Marutea's pearl, jewel of the Pacific

An Exceptional Know-How

Developing or buying pearl farms at the other side of the world was pure insanity, so was it.

However it was also a question of business management and vision. Robert Wan had his idea on how doing business but more than anything he was a visionary. Only five years after the creation of « Tahiti Perles » he decided to fight weather uncertainties, sanitary threats and risky economical situations, to get rid of the small scale production method for a better organised structure.The methodology consisted in sharing experiences, analysing failures and recognising the know-how and expertise of the collaborators. One thing he knew was more difficult was the production, as longer is the culture process, nicer and rarer is the pearl…so is the price.

Because if the pearl farming is a matter of lagoon, water quality and pearl oysters, more than one and a half thousand kms from Tahiti it is also a matter of people. Robert Wan did whatever it takes to succeed by hiring the best grafting specialists. Even if he never gave up the research for the best biotopes, it is with the best structures and the best people that he created the most beautiful pearls he entrusted to the most well known luxury jewellers. Eventually the pearl is a lot about superlatives.

For almost 40 years people are in the centre of RobertWan’s project. Not less than 200 people are working in his pearl structures of South Marutea! Of course we often talk about the grafting specialists whose know-how was often inherited from an ancient Master : the pearl quality relies a lot on them. But they are not the only one playing a role. Indeed around them and the crucial step of the grafting, there are the breeders who collect the pearl oysters, select them, and make them grow until the grafting.They protect the mother of pearls until the long-awaited harvest.Their job is essential too.Yet they are sup- ported by the scientists and researchers whose objective is to analyse and study the biotope and the pearl oyster in order to ensure the pearl farm works properly.

RobertWan has always supported the scientists who also research in particular in the university or related structures, how to improve tech- niques and how to rationalise the different stages of farming, grafting and harvesting, to produce even more beautiful pearls.

Eventually finding the nicest pearl is the role of the sorter whose key words are accuracy, attention to detail, look, and aesthetics.