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These creations have earned Robert WAN the title of "Emperor and expert of Tahitian Pearls" ,and are known for their natural colors which come in multiple shades, shapes and sizes. Women around the world, regardless of their social status or age, will be captivated by the Robert WAN choker or "sautoir" long necklaces. Who could resist their incredible charm. At the very top of this collection is the result of several harvests, many years of hard work, and the heart of Robert WAN's profession: a limited and unique selection of pearls of perfect shape and sizes, harmoniously blended to enhance their natural colors and quality – the essence of perfection.



Named after the Tahitian god of the ocean, who gave pearl oysters to humans in memory of his voyage on earth, these 27 colorful gems bring together subtle greens, blues, and pinks creating a magical ensemble worthy of legends..

27 Round/Semi Round pearls
Light Multicolor
15mm to 16mm




The black pearl has earned a reputation as the « Pearl of Queens » and the « Queen of Pearls ». When Scarlett graces the neck of a woman, it brings out the regal.

33 Round/Semi Round Pearls
12mm to 14mm




These heavenly dew drops, polished by time, hold and ethereal radiance that are highlighted in 29 gems. Exquisite cherry, green and golden Hues shine and blend in a harmony in the « Colibri » Strand.

29 Round Pearls
15mm to 16mm




Born in Nature and assembled by hand, the « Purity » strand encapsulates the spirit of perfection and innocence.

41 Baroque Pearls
Tahitian Snow
13mm to 17mm




Taking 5 years to match, the majestic pearls that compose the « Empress » sautoir, symbolize the regal ancestry these gems possess. The elegant and colorful harmony of this rare and grandiose piece make it fit for a Queen.

82 Button Pearls
Green, Pink
12mm to 17mm




Whether worn as a two-ranks jeweled ribbon, or as one long sautoir, this statement piece personifies a rainbow of dew-kissed gems cast over a clear Tahitian sky.

63 Round Pearls
15mm to 17mm


Cultivate Your Elegance: Tailored Pearl Necklace Creations


your necklace will be strung on a silk string with infinite care: if you choose, gold or platinum links can be inserted between each pearl. The clasps of Robert WAN’s necklaces were designed to harmonize as best as possible with the rows of pearls – they are as precious as the pearls themselves. In yellow gold, gray gold, or platinum, each is marked by elegance and discretion.

The number of pearls you choose depends on you: a “Choker” measures between 35 and 40 cm; The “Neckline”, with the pearls growing larger towards the center, is slightly longer; the “Matinée” is about 60cm long; “Opera” is a short rope of pearls that falls gracefully down the chest, while a long “Rope” of pearls can go down as far as the waist.

The Robert WAN signature Oyster clasp is a symbolic reminder that pearls are the only precious gems that occur through a living process. The oyster clasp incorporates a unique, double-sided mechanism which allows the owner to easily interchange the black oyster clasp with future Robert WAN original or limited edition clasps.

Once completed, your necklace will be delivered in a luxury case with a specially designed silk scarf to enfold it for travel. As pearls are living things, they need special care to keep their matchless sheen.

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