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Welcome to the amazing world of Robert Wan Marutea's pearl, jewel of the Pacific

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The Pearl and the Lagoons’ Protection

The pearl and the environment form the simplest and most fragile equations ever. Simple because one relies on the other and the other way around. Fragile because without a healthy environment, there is no nice pearl. Nevertheless this natural biotope become weaker because of the culture of several hundred-thousands pearl oysters stock in the pearl farm’s stations close to each other which increases the threat risk. Yet the perfect harmony between

Choker and Connoisseur : Complicity

Robert Wan never hid his admiration for the beauty neither the joy he feels when his most beautiful creations are around the neck of women worldwide. But he also wanted to make sure to pay tribute to the most beautiful pearls. With this objective in mind, he created two different product ranges : Connoisseur and Choker by Robert Wan. These ranges were launched with a unique and very strict leitmotiv which was a combination of perfection and timeles

1973 – Originally Was South Marutea

1973 was the year of the first oil crisis. the Kippur war, the coup in Chile, the Peron return in Argentina, the World Trade Centre and the Sydney Opera House official openings, the first visit of a Soviet leader in the United States since 1917, the Papua-New guinea autonomy, the right to vote for Australian Aborigines, the cease-fire in Vietnam, Suharto’s re-election in Indonesia, the declaration of the Afghanistan republic, the entry in the CEE

An Exceptional Know-How

Developing or buying pearl farms at the other side of the world was pure insanity, so was it. However it was also a question of business management and vision. Robert Wan had his idea on how doing business but more than anything he was a visionary. Only five years after the creation of « Tahiti Perles » he decided to fight weather uncertainties, sanitary threats and risky economical situations, to get rid of the small scale production method for

At the Beginning was the Mother of Pearl

The mother of pearl. It is an exceptional substance which name is often given in the atolls to the pearl oysters which are giving birth to the pearls. However it’s not that, neither it is the shell protecting its mollusc.The nacre or mother of pearl is rare and discreet as it is only the substance covering the inside of the thick protecting shell. This substance is made of thin slices of calcium carbonate (aragonite) which are linked by a living

Tribute to a Several Thousand-Year-Old Story

The pearl is the only recognized gem coming from a living organism, an odd mollusk named Pinctada Margaritifera (Cumingi species), that is unique to French Polynesia’s lagoons. Harvesting a pearl is the accomplishment of a totally natural process but the pearl is also the only gem Man can reproduce without changing its classification. Indeed despite Man’s intervention, the cultured pearl does not belong to synthetic gems.

Welcome to the Pearl World

In an interview released almost twenty years ago in an American magazine, Robert Wan explained his history or what is more his link with the oyster pearl framing and its miracle result : the pearl. During this interview some very specific words were naturally coming when referring to this characters’ soul who accompanied the beginnings of the Tahitian cultured pearl with about ten other pioneers. Unlike many other South Seas adventurers, he never

Qatar Exhibition

The spectacular “Ensó” This unique piece has been called after the “ENSÓ” symbol that symbolizes absolute enlightment, strength and elegance. Discover this amazing three-strand detachable necklace, created with 18 cascading Peacock Tahitian pearls, and 101 carats of brilliant diamonds.

Mojeh Powered by Pearls

Whoever said diamonds were a girl’s best friend ever had the opportunity to admire Robert Wan’s exceptional Enso necklace. The Maison is successfully bringing the power of pearls back into the mainstream with its latest exceptional three-strand creation, which features 18 spectacular Peacock Tahitian pearls alongside 101 carats of dazzling, brilliant-cut diamonds. “My hope is this necklace will exude a similar feeling to the wearer as it does

Robert WAN in Hong Kong

Robert Wan, renowned as the Emperor of Pearls and founder of the Robert Wan Group, has partnered with iFREE GROUP to further strengthen his company’s existing operations and their brand-building initiatives.