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At once mystical and soothing, timeless and original, the pearl has always been associated with great happiness in life. Robert WAN’s philosophy, filled with authenticity and a gentle way of living, is based on Asian Zen.

He likes to surround himself with such elements as water, crystal, and sand, which remind him of the richness and purity of lagoons.

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Tahitian pearls are considered to be among the finest gems in the world. In order to truly appreciate their beauty, it is necessary to understand the criteria that are as rigorous and precise as those to determine the quality of a beautiful diamond.


  1. Promotion of Pearl Culture by Polynesian Government


    In the 1960s, the Polynesian government initiated efforts to promote the cultivation of pearls. This era saw a surge of interest from various investors, adventurers, and scientists who ventured into the pearl farming industry. Despite their enthusiasm and efforts, these initial attempts were largely unsuccessful, setting the stage for future developments in the pearl culture.

  2. Robert Wan Acquires First Pearl Farm


    Robert Wan made a landmark acquisition by purchasing his first pearl farm on Mangareva Island in the Gambier Archipelago. This strategic move marked the beginning of his illustrious journey in the cultured pearl industry, laying the foundation for his future success and reputation as the Emperor of Tahitian Pearls.

  3. Robert Wan's Pioneering Journey to Japan


    Robert Wan embarked on a pivotal journey to Japan, the birthplace of the cultured pearl industry. During his visit, he met with Professor Sato, a renowned expert in cultured pearl production. Professor Sato had previously collaborated with the legendary Kokichi Mikimoto's grandson, the pioneer and father of commercial pearl farming. This meeting marked a significant moment in Robert Wan's pursuit of excellence in the pearl industry. Furthermore, the encounter with Sato allowed Robert Wan to bring the best practices of pearl farming back to French Polynesia, significantly enhancing the local industry.

  4. Purchase of Marutea Sud


    Robert Wan acquires the Marutea Sud atoll from Jean-Claude Brouillet, marking a significant expansion in his pearl farming operations.

  5. Golden Laurels Award for International Quality and Aestheticism


    Robert Wan receives the prestigious Golden Laurels Award from the Committee of French Promotion, recognizing his contributions to international quality and aesthetic standards in the pearl industry.

  6. Chevalier of the French National Order of Merit


    The French Government honors Robert Wan by naming him a Chevalier (Knight) of the French National Order of Merit, acknowledging his outstanding achievements and contributions to the industry.

  7. The Establishment of the Robert Wan Educational Wing at the GIA


    The establishment of the Robert Wan Educational Wing at the GIA campus in Carlsbad, California, marked a significant milestone. This initiative demonstrated the gem world's acknowledgment of Wan's pioneering efforts in cultivating the Tahitian pearl, recognizing its unique beauty and potential. Through educational and research endeavors, the partnership between Wan and the GIA has fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation of this exotic gem. Additionally, the collaboration with GIA has elevated the Tahitian pearl to the same category as precious stones and other natural gems, enhancing its classification and comprehension within the industry.

  8. First Auction in Hong Kong


    Robert Wan holds his first auction in Hong Kong, expanding his market presence and showcasing his pearls to a wider international audience.

  9. Entry into "Club des No 1 Mondiaux Français à l’Export" and Receipt of French Legion of Honour's Knight's Cross


    Robert Wan is invited to join the "Club des No 1 Mondiaux Français à l’Export," a Paris-based organization recognizing top French exporters. In the same year, he receives the Knight's Cross of the French Legion of Honour, one of France's highest distinctions, for his exceptional contributions to the export industry.

  10. Environmental Recognition and Certification


    Tahiti Perles was awarded the prestigious Bio Certification for its dedicated efforts in ecosystem conservation. Additionally, our atolls received the designation of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, recognizing the ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

  11. JNA Honors Robert Wan with Lifetime Achievement Award


    Robert Wan was honored with the prestigious "Lifetime Achievement" award by the JNA (Jewellery News Asia). This highest distinction recognized his outstanding contributions and enduring impact on the cultured pearl industry, celebrating his legacy and commitment to excellence over the years. Read more



robert wan museum

The Robert WAN Pearl Museum provides a comprehensive guide to the history and legends of pearls, crossing different cultures and civilizations. Visitors to the museum learn how the pearls are grafted and can see a collection of the world’s most beautiful cultured gems.


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The Robert Wan and Mikimoto Story

In 1974, Robert WAN visited Japan to meet Professor Sato, a notable figure in pearl production, and an associate of Kokichi Mikimoto, the pioneer of pearl farming. Sato introduced WAN to Mikimoto's grandson, who agreed to be a loyal customer if WAN could produce high-quality Tahitian pearls. Their meeting in Toba led to Mikimoto purchasing WAN's entire first harvest three years later, cementing a strong friendship that endures to this day. Additionally, the encounter with Sato allowed Robert WAN to bring the best practices of pearl farming back to French Polynesia, significantly enhancing the local industry.



Our work would simply be impossible without respecting nature, and conversely, there is no doubt that it was this love of nature that led Robert WAN to choosing this field. Robert WAN’s farms are located some 5,000 km from the nearest industrial activity, making them unique and protected bio diversities with totally pristine, unpolluted waters. His lagoons can be counted amongst the purest and cleanest in the world. This is how Robert WAN has been able to produce the highest quality Tahitian pearls for more than 4 decades.

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