The Islands of Robert Wan

The Robert Wan Group owns three islands and six farms in French Polynesia: Taku, Marutea Sud, and Aukena. These islands are known for producing a variety of different colored pearls. Each island has its own unique pearl production, adding to the diversity and beauty of the pearls produced by the company.

The farms are located some 5,000 km from the nearest industrial activity, making them unique and protected bio diversities with totally pristine, unpolluted waters. The lagoons can be counted amongst the purest and cleanest in the world. This is how Robert WAN has been able to produce the highest quality Tahitian pearls for more than 5 decades.

Marutea Sud

Marutea is an extraordinary island that is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna thanks to its exceptionally pure lagoon. This unique environment allows us to produce some of the most beautifully colored pearls in the world, with a range that includes peacock and cherry hues. The rare biodiversity of Marutea's lagoon makes it a special place for pearl production.


Aukena is known for producing some of the darkest pearl shades, including shades of dark green and dark silver. This is due to the cooler water temperature in the region, which allows pearl oysters to grow faster and produce these unique shades. If you are looking for pearls with a deep, rich color, Aukena is the place to find them.


Taku Pearl Farm, owned by Mr. Robert Wan, is the birthplace of the lightest pearls, ranging in color from light silver to Tahitian gold.

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