The Power of Influence: How Ní Nī Shook the Tahitian Pearl Market

Last week, the Tahitian pearl market in Hong Kong experienced an unprecedented surge, and it's all thanks to a single individual: the renowned Chinese actress and influencer, Ní Nī. Experts who had been in the pearl buying industry for over two decades, were astonished.

Ní Nī, celebrated for her outstanding performance in the 2011 film Flowers of War, recently embarked on a unique 'Pearl-Wearing' social media campaign while advertising her latest film, Lost in the Stars. Being a pearl aficionado, she marked the movie's immense success – a staggering box office collection of ¥3 billion – by sharing 30 selfies, with a particular focus on Tahitian pearls.

Following this showcase, the industry eagerly awaited the September Robert Wan auction, a key highlight at the Asia World Expo. Both buyers and vendors had it marked on their calendars, with many international buyers flying in exclusively for the auction.

As the event officially commenced, it was clear that the impact of Ní Nī's promotion was colossal. Booths were teeming with eager buyers, many of whom were so determined to purchase that some stalls closed within the very first hour, their stocks entirely depleted. It's noteworthy to mention that almost all these enthusiastic buyers hailed from China.

A highlight from the event was the astonishing sale of exquisite multi-color Tahitian strands. These strands, sized between 9-11 mm, fetched close to $50k, and those measuring 12mm fetched nearly double that price, all authenticated with lab certificates. Such price tags are reminiscent of the pearl industry's golden days in the early 1990s. And let's not forget, these prices are from a wholesale, trade-only event.

But in an unforeseen twist, the auction was suddenly called off. Rumor has it that a buyer from China approached Robert Wan with a proposal to buy out the entire auction collection for a sum significantly higher than the expected auction earnings, a move unheard of in Wan's history.

In summary, the immense sway of a single influencer, Ní Nī, managed to send ripples across the Tahitian pearl market, leaving the industry both astonished and inspired.

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