At the Beginning was the Mother of Pearl

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The Mother of Pearl

The mother of pearl is an exceptional substance, often referred to in the atolls as the pearl oysters that give birth to pearls. However, it is not the oyster itself, nor is it the shell protecting the mollusk. The nacre, or mother of pearl, is rare and discreet as it only covers the inside of the thick protective shell. This substance is composed of thin slices of calcium carbonate (aragonite) linked by a living matter (conchylium) to form a compact, stiff, and very strong structure that can last for several thousand years. Such a substance, offering remarkable properties, has undoubtedly held other undiscovered secrets for more than 500 million years.

The mother of pearl contains ultra-active proteinic molecules, which are highly beneficial to humans. These molecules are known for stimulating and regenerating skin cells, helping to re-densify the epidermis, improving complexion and tone. This discovery was made after extensive research led by Professor Evelyne Lopez with a specialized team from the CNRS (French National Centre of Scientific Research) in conjunction with the Natural History Museum. Today, none of the existing cosmetic products on the market contain such a high percentage of active molecules as those found in the mother of pearl from Robert Wan’s brand.

These bioactive molecules trigger a range of beneficial reactions for the skin:

  • They reteach the skin functions that were once innate but have been lost over time.
  • They reprogram the cell skin language.
  • They restratify the epidermis.
  • They restructure the dermis.


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