Nature - Master Craftsman of Pearls

Pearls – unlike any other gems – are organic. They are created inside a living organism. Regardless of whether it forms naturally or is cultured on the farm, oysters live beneath the water surface amidst plants and marine animals in an increasingly fragile ecosystem. The key factors that can make or break the ecosystem are:   

Adverse environmental and climatic changes 

Pearls are the only renewable gemstone observable in the human timescale. If we understand and appreciate that the pearls we are wearing are not only renewable but will also improve the environment and will only thrive  - no! exist - only if the environment is protected, we will see pearls in a different light and will value pearls even more.   

Perhaps no other partnership can better illustrate the interdependence and co-existence between humans and nature as described above better than Robert Wan and his pearls.

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